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  1. I just completed JFK’s Last Hundred Days. It is one of the few recent books that I would read on JFK. The book brought to life what many lived in 1963 and brought back the pain of those days that still resides within many. The hopes and dreams have not died.
    After completing this book I realized you also wrote The Last Campaign. That book is so profound that I could only talk about it with those of us who worked with Bobby in 1968
    Thank you for writing these.

  2. Hi, Mr. Clarke!
    Just finished reading JFK’s Last Hundred Days and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Thank you for writing such an illuminating work, which really gave me new insight into John F. Kennedy and his life at what became an all too soon ending. I have ready many books about JFK, but this one really brought him to life for me and showed me his very human side, which no doubt fueled his drive toward his second term which would have certainly made a positive difference in the lives of so many around the world.

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